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2019 Lifeline Prayer Mountains (List)

01.06.19 | Depending On God, Spiritual DNA

    2019 Lifeline Prayer Mountains (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)

    We’ll know God is using us to be a catalyst for transforming the spiritual landscape of the community when see or experience...

    DEPENDING on God

    • Transformational encounters with God – Pray that our worship times will inspire passionate spirituality and life change as people experience the power and presence of God. Specifically, we are praying for 50 new decisions for Christ (baptisms, commitments to tithe, Christ-like lifestyle changes) and regular stories being shared of God-inspired life change.
    • A cultural multiplication mindset with Lifeline that seeks ways to empower others with tools for growth and systems for greater effectiveness. Pray for our Lead Team to be strong, bold and wise in their example as servant leaders. Pray for every Lifeliner to seek and find ways to multiply themselves through others.

    NURTURING relationships

    • Nurturing small group communities – Pray that 100% of the Lifeline family is connected in some kind of small group. We want to see every person that calls Lifeline “home” to have an intentional, loving connection place outside of Sunday AM (Life Group, affinity group, ministry group). A place where all people can be encouraged to develop their life relationally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

    ADVANCING Jesus’ mission

    • Gift-based ministry – Pray for 100% of Lifeline family to be regularly engaged in ministry. Pray that people will discover and utilize their giftedness in a meaningful way. This includes serving within the church and/or identifying a “mission field” that is “outside” the church in one or more of the 7 streams of influence (business, education, government, arts, media, family, faith)
    • Need-oriented opportunities that impact the community – Pray for new or renewed community partnerships and ways that we can bless and add value to the community.
    • Increase our weekend worship impact to reach 100 new weekly participants in our weekend worship experience. Pray for our influence with the 200,000 people in a 5-mile radius, and the 5000 homes in a 1-mile radius. We are praying for resources of $2000 per week to help us expand our impact.
    • New permanent worship and ministry center – Pray for a 24/7 facility that will serve as a hub of transformation in and for our community. A place that can be a center for leading people to experience hope and find value, living life abundantly.