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The Delicious Taste of Partnerships

Posted by Dave Rudin on

We can find them in food groups. We can find them in music. We can find them in entertainment. We can find them in philanthropic ventures. We can even find them in infamous criminal endeavors. And we can find them in business. And if we're fortunate, we'll find them in the Church. Great...

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Tags: partnership, teamwork

Be A Lid Lifter

Posted by Dave Rudin on

In an experiment, a scientist placed several fleas in a glass jar and they quickly jumped out. After putting the fleas back in the jar and a glass lid on top, the fleas jumped again, hit the lid and fell back down into the jar. After a while of being conditioned to the presence of the glass lid...

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Tags: equipping, inspiration, motivation, team

Investing In Our Greatest Appreciable Asset

Posted by Dave Rudin on

I’ll admit, there is a lot more about business and business strategy that I don’t know than I do know. But for the past several years I've invested a lot of time and energy in the business community. And regardless of what the product, service, size, location or gross revenue is of...

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Tags: equipping, leadership, training, people development